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Maya + Edisan Ijab Qobul – Salatiga

We are familiar with Maya’s father long before his father was married. At that time Maya’s father often came to our house as an officer of a reputable bank. Shortly afterwards, Maya’s father was married, and it turns out that Maya’s Mother is our neighbors not far from our house. And now we have the...

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Alva + Kandres Ijab Qobul – Salatiga

It’s fun to be part of the marriage of two architects. I am a friend of her sister. Although we met only twice, but because they are nice and fun people, we get along easily. Many good picture are produced at their event … Sangat menyenangkan bisa menjadi bagian dari pernikahan dua orang arsitek. Saya...

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Puput + Andre Prewedding – Salatiga

Puput + Andre Prewedding Salatiga Lokasi : Kayu Arum Resort & Spa, Salatiga MUA : Nina Bridal, Salatiga

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Dini + Mursid Prewedding – Salatiga

Dini + Mursid Prewedding Salatiga Lokasi : Salatiga, Bandungan MUA : Nita

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