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Asye + Aria Wedding – Salatiga

Asye + Aria Wedding – Salatiga, a nice and simple wedding held in Kayu Arum Resort & Spa Salatiga. Many good images … A Teaser from March Wedding …

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Wedding Highlight : Tia + Badhri Wedding – Salatiga

Tia + Badhri Wedding – Salatiga, our first impression about this couple is that they were nice couple and loved each other so much altough they came from a different culture between Javanese and Acehnese. Brides that always smile and very enjoying all the 3 days procession. Beginning from “Pengajian”, “Siraman”, until Reception in a...

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Wedding Highlight : Vini + Wicak Wedding – Purwodadi

Vini + Wicak Wedding, we have the privillige to witness Vini + Wicak Wedding held in Purwodadi city, that’s two hours journey from Salatiga. They have such beautiful holy matrimony and wedding. Enjoy their joyful images !

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Wedding Highlight : Margaretha + Mark Wedding – Salatiga

Margaretha + Mark Wedding – Salatiga, a wedding of a couple from a very different culture. Margaretha is a Javanese and Mark is from Australia. But then they decided to do their wedding in full complete Javanese Wedding Culture. Many of Mark friends and family come from Australia and they all wearing “kebaya” and “beskap”...

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Marg + Mark Engagement Session

Margaretha + Mark Engagement Session. A short session few days before their wedding day… Wait for their Wedding Day Post … Location : Kayu Arum Resort & Spa, Salatiga MUA : Margaretha herself

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