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Dwi + Tedy Prewedding – Yogyakarta

Dwi + Tedy Prewedding – Yogyakarta. A full adventure prewedding. Wait for their story. A teaser image … MUA : Fanuel Putri, Surabaya


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Wedding Details – We Love It

We Love Wedding Details … Force Us to be more Creative to explore more and more … This one is from recent wedding of Dhaniel and Vitri Wedding. Guess what and where is the Detail … Cheers !!

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Dhaniel + Vitri Wedding – Salatiga

WEDDING HIGHLIGHT : Dhaniel + Vitri Wedding – Salatiga. The Wedding of two doctors. Dhaniel & Fitri were both doctors, they have a happy simple wedding attended by such lovely family… a Teaser Image …

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Prima + Dita Wedding – Ambarawa

WEDDING HIGHLIGHT : Prima + Dita Wedding – Ambarawa, we first met them once at their wedding day. Because they were busy as Dita is a stewardess and Prima is a bussinessman. We only do communication by phone and the Internet only. But still they put a great trust in us to capture their wedding...

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